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Youth, Adults Like Mother, Son Relationship Excellently Discovered By Director In ‘Standup Rahul’ – Indraja

The movie Standup Rahul starring hero Raj Tarun and Varsha Bollamma as a couple. Put together is the tagline. Santo Mohan Veeranki will be introduced as the director. The film is produced by Nanda Kumar Abbineni and Bharat Maguluri under the banner of Dream Town Productions and HiFive Pictures. It will be released on the 18th of this month after all the work is completed. On the occasion, the senior senior magician attended a media conference at the company’s office on Thursday. On this occasion, she informed many things.

Director Santo told me the story over the phone. It seemed very interesting and new. Naturally the relationship between the mother and the son, the words are the words spoken in support of the father. But in this story the director tells exactly how much the mother is in the priority family.

Murali Sharma acted as my husband. But I take responsibility for the house myself. The quality of not having a husband is carefully nurtured from an early age to see the son closely. However, he is saddened to learn that he is like a father. The conclusion is very good as to how the son finally understood the mother.

Supporting characters are a good fit for men. Women do not have the right characters. That’s why I got so much gap in movies. One reason is the lack of proper characters. With the advent of routine roles came a few blows.

The film manages to entertain as well as inform. Two things in it the director said well. Youth work and work hard for something called passion. Apart from that, this movie shows how Batakavicho can do his favorite work.

How the relationship between husband and wife should be. Now there is also a communication gap with children. That is why the director said in a positive way that it can be understood by the present generation.

I have done `Shatamanambhavathi, Shamanthakamani. I did three movies after that. If any movie is a hit then that effect will be on the actors. Opportunities abound.

We once worked with great directors. We learned a lot from them in the experiment itself. But newcomers to the current generation are coming to know all sorts of things. As a actress I am not in a position to give them advice.

Many of the new visionary talents have entered the field. Each style for each viewer. We will see what is in his vision. Do not give any suggestions.

Satisfaction as a actress is not for anyone. The goon did it. There is so much to do. Our foremost duty now is to take advantage of the opportunities that come our way.

Nadia, Khushboo, Roza and Amani are all seniors to us. Ravali, Sanghvi is our generation. We want to do good roles. We will definitely do it if the opportunity arises.

People like Tapsee and Samantha are doing Lady Orient roles but they have played almost all the roles before. There are no restrictions on the night.

There are many actresses. There is competition. There are a lot of people who do the roles of mother, sister and granddaughter. Feel lucky to have a better chance.

New movies

I did three new movies. They are close to being released. I did a movie with Kannada Kishore. He said that he is doing a movie with Nitin now.

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