2018 Full Movie Review: A Thumping Response To Malayalam’s Highest-Grosser In Telugu

2018 Full Movie Review: A Thumping Response To Malayalam’s Highest-Grosser In Telugu

2018 Full Movie Review

Cast: Tovino Thomas, Lal, Narain, Aparna Balamurali, Kunchacko Boban, Vineeth Sreenivasan, Aju Varghese, Kalayirasan

Director: Jude Anthany Joseph

The Malayalam industry’s all-time highest-grosser, a survival thriller based on the real life events, 2018, has released all over the two Telugu States in dubbed version on May 26. The film’s Tamil version also hit the screens on the same day to a huge reception.

While movie lovers are already aware of the movie’s plot, its actors, and the applause it garnered so far, by the release day in Telugu and Tamil, 2018 surpassed the industry record set by Mohanlal’s Pulimurgan, by becoming the top-grosser ever.

The movie is set against the backdrop of the sudden and huge impact left by the floods in 2018 that hit Kerala. The director tried to depict the difficulties and issues faced by people from various walks of life by putting them together in a single conflict- fighting for their life and what is right, all being flood-hit.


The tightly packed narration and engaging screenplay make you sit on the seat’s edge, the performances of the ensemble cast only add up to the thrilling experience of viewing it on the big screen. Casting actors who have proved their mettle through several films earlier is only icing on the cake for this super hit film.


The director gets the applause and rightly deserves every bit of it for making 2018 with such an impact. From the story to an emotional screenplay, the colour scheme to the narration, 2018 has only a few flaws or drawbacks that are negligible when compared to the larger scheme of events that the movie unfolds. The editing could have been crisp and the first half with less number of scenes could have made it much better. The VFX and CG are unbelievably realistic and one can’t complain.


2018 is a must-watch film that makes you feel the intensity of the characters that you watch on the screen. The movie gives certain highs and leaves an immense impact.


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