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105 minutes in post production work

105 minutes in post production work

Raju Dussa in the construction of Bommak Shiva on the Rudransh Cell Lloyd flag
“105 Minutes” directed by Post Productions works
Celebrating fast.

Lots of graphics that will be seen in some key scenes in this movie
Awesome are coming, the film unit said.
It is a great pleasure to provide music for such an experimental film which is being screened with a single shot, single character for the first time on the Indian cinema screen. The film’s music director Sam CS believes that it is a challenge to provide background music. The film unit once again praised Hansika’s performance as excellent.

Cinematographer: Kishore Boyidapu, Art Director:
Brahma Kadali, Executive Director: Roopa Kiran Ganji, Editor
: Shyam Vadavalli, DIBVR Sivakumar, Graphics: Fani Vihar
Hours, Makeup: Balu Dekka, Sound Effects: Jason Josh, P.R.O .:
GSK Media, Digital: Sudhir Telaprolu, Publicity Designer:
Sudhir, Stills: Guna, Productions Executive: Atluri Suresh

తెలుగు లో చదవండి

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